Build a beautiful application in D language
and run it everywhere!

First beta will be released in january 2017!
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What's Rikarin Framework?


Async Framework

Asynchronous framework support Fibers (multitasking in single thread). Don't let your code stucks! Do you want to write fast async web application? No problem!


User Interface

Build a beautiful look applications with native Interface Compositor just by drag'n'drop or programmatically right in the code.


Multiplatform Support

Write application on one platform and cross compile it to another without any modifications. Or use LLVM's intermediate code and run it jist in time everywhere.

D is the best language for application development.

Don't trust to Xamarin! D is much more better than C#! Truth is out there!

Why Java programmers wear glasses? Becasue they can't C# [see sharp]

Blocking operations are handled asynchronous by default.

No! You cannot use it as a bomb!

Image[string] getImages(string path) {
    Image[string] images;
    auto allFiles = Directory.getAllFiles(path, "*.png");
    foreach (x; allFiles) {
        images[path] = Image.fromFile(path);
    return images;

int GetWindowNumber(Object obj) {
    if (!obj.respondsToSelector("windowNumber")) {
        return -1;
    // if (2b || !2b) 
    // to be? or not to be? It's funny becasue it's true
    return obj.performSelector!int("windowNumber");
int GetResponse() {
    auto tcp = connectTCP("");
    tcp.write("How much is 40 + 2 ?");
    return byte[4]).to!int;

Runtime invocation methods is supported and used in GUI framework.

We are better becasue we have more examples than Xamarin!

Don't be a sheep! Build custom looking interfaces!

We let you to define your custom looking interfaces or just select from our beutiful presets.
Don't pay huge money for application development when you give users application what looks like shit!

Rikarin Framework pouzivaju vyznamne spolocnosti ako napriklad Lerain Soft


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  • doneCustom features
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  • donePriority bug fixes
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4 999

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this project real?

- Yes


- Yes

Why I cannot download it?

- Aplha version wasn't released yet